Aug 022013

Evoe does BillyLast night I went to the Hard Hat Reception for this year’s Seattle Erotic Art Festival with Harold at the Showbox Sodo. I’m super excited to have two pieces in the show, both of which originally debuted on this blog. We had a great time and we were impressed by the art this year – we immediately spotted several works each that we would bring home if we had the funds and the wall space. If you are in the Seattle area, I urge you to attend tonight or tomorrow!

After debating over what to frickin’ wear to hard hat opening – I don’t own a hard hat or coveralls – I went with my best Billy Idol in drag look. Attendees wore everything from g-strings and top hats to ball gowns to fetish latex. And yes, there were a couple of people in hard hats. SEAF is a time to wear whatever makes you feel sexy, however outrageous. This is the best place for people watching.

Evidently the whiskey sours really loosened me up, cuz I talked to several strangers at length. I love finding out about people, especially their sexuality, but I’m not exactly an extrovert. This environment was comfortable and fun enough for me to just walk up to people and start talking, much to Harold’s amusement. People are interesting! It’s awesome! I’ve made some great friends at SEAF in years past. I was overjoyed to catch up with David Steinberg, an amazing photographer, one this year’s jurors, and  all-around inspiration.

Before a KissThis is my fourth year attending and my third year being involved as an artist. It just gets more and more fun, but I still have that reaction of looking at all of the fabulous art and wishing that I could be a real artist like them. I haven’t been expecting to sell either of my photographs, but I suddenly realized last night that deep down I hope to make a sale because it would be a serious validation of my art. It’s a vulnerable place to be.

Regardless, I hope to make an impact with my art, challenge people to think differently about sexuality or to immerse themselves in an intense moment. I’m very proud to have my art hang at SEAF. I’m enjoying watching people react to my work and loving my own connection to other peoples’ art. I was reminded that not all art will touch all people. Art that uses fear and shame as a vehicle for the erotic doesn’t usually turn me on, but it does work for a lot of people. I love intimacy and beauty, but that’s not always going to reach in and grab everyone. The great thing is that SEAF is likely to have something that gets you going.

IMG_4051This year’s SEAF is a family affair for us. One of my pieces shows Harold with my girlfriend’s partner (who I also have a connection with) and the other shows my husband’s mother. Right across from the photograph of my mother-in-law is a photograph of Harold’s son and daughter-in-law. I’m very proud of my family.

I’m not a night owl, but we talked for a couple of hours after the opening because we had so much to process. After everyone was sound asleep I lay in bed, buzzing with sexy thoughts. Definitely time for the vibrator. I feel fantastic this morning.

Please come to SEAF and have fun! I’m looking forward to seeing some of the performance art and hearing some of the literary pieces this weekend. There are some great items for sale in the store. I’ll be there. If you see me around, come say hello!