Sep 232013

EvoëI have a confession to make: I don’t know very much about condoms. I always have a few in case I need them, but I’m in fluid bonded relationships and the need for condoms doesn’t come up very often. I’m even more at a loss when trying to buy condoms. I know I need latex-free because I’m sensitive and my experience is that the lube on condoms can be irritating. That’s it. Does size matter? Evidently, since some condoms are too small for Joel. Everyone is different, so how do you know what to buy?

Several months ago I was contacted by an awesome new company, Lucky Bloke, offering to let me try out a couple of their sampler packs. I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am. Lucky Bloke is amazing. They have a  global condom review system so you can read about other people’s experience with each product. The CEO is a woman, and every interaction I’ve had with Lucky Bloke has been extremely helpful and positive. They really went out of their way to try to send me just the right condoms and lubes.

I’m pretty picky about my lubes. I’m a delicate flower and most lubes really irritate me. Lucky Bloke sent me 12 lube samples (exciting!) and of those, 9 were good options for me. I think this is astonishing. I can’t believe that there is a company dedicated to providing high quality lubricant sample packs. I love little packets of lube. It’s like a birthday  – sex and presents! Sometimes you need to know that your lube is sterile (like for sounding) so little packets are perfect. You can’t go wrong with portable and fun – unless you need buckets of lube. Lucky Bloke has their lube sampler on sale now, in either 6 or 12 packet packs. If you are looking for the best lube for you, I recommend the larger selection so you can try out a bunch of products. One of them is sure to suit.

As I mentioned before, I don’t use condoms very often. It took us months to work through the samples Lucky Bloke sent me. This was good, because I actually had to rethink some of the ways I have sex to see where condom use would be good – like putting a condom over my strap-on dildo in order to make clean up after pegging super simple. Female condoms are another learning experience. That’s right, condoms are not just for blokes!

condomNo matter who you are, if you are looking for the quality condoms from around the world, check this company out. As far as I can tell, the customer service is phenomenal, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they will help you figure out your size. Shipping is very reasonable, no matter where you live. Plus they donate 10% of their proceeds to charities and causes their customers select. And there is so much valuable information on their website!

Generally I like to outline the positives and negatives for a review like this, but I pretty much only have good things to say about Lucky Bloke. I might complain that they need a search function on their website and I wish that they sold my favorite lube so I could buy from them, but overall I am so happy that they found me!

Bottom line: Could you be improving your pleasure with a better condom?

Grade: A

  • skinny_dip

    Thanks so much for the great review Evoe! So glad you enjoyed the samplers :)