Nov 112013

You want to what?I get a lot of correspondence around WholeSexLife and my various social media profiles – some very sweet and some quite strange. I hear from people of all ages from all over the world. These communications roughly break down into several categories: business related, complimentary, looking for education, looking to hook up, and looking for a Top. Contacting someone you don’t know and asking questions that are intimate takes bravery. Even when I don’t appreciate the message, I respect the effort to reach out.

I decided to take some of the messages I’ve received over the past couple of years and create found poetry. I didn’t use the business related or foreign language items (that’s fodder for a whole new poem). Here is the result, a kind of meta-message, comprised wholly of actual messages I have received, without any corrections for spelling or grammer.



Hi a warm morning to you
What are you up to?
Did you have a nice day???

Hey whats up
woooow u r beautifullll
you are looking gorgeous,i am single are you
I love your hot pics! You are amazing! You make me throb so hard!
Do you like to share pics?
You do have a gorgeous smile :)
I would love to lick ur pussy.. U real so hot
who are you ? Dracula..

hi how r u
I want to learn abt sex can u help me??
how do u get the person u are in a relationship with to understand that u are into bondage?
Do you like to wrestle ?
Are you good at it?
i bet you would be simply wild in a catfight.
So I got to ask does size matter? what is the consensus among your girlfriends?
But ,is it lesbo pleasurable ? Didn’t u like cock ?
Plz..i want guidance 4m u….


Sorry if my massage may offend you.
Hey, so it’s a little awkward to bring up
I was wondering if u were able to help others with acting out fantasies
You seem very experienced in this lifestyle
I wish I could live with u and be ur sex slave
To be a plaything for you, or someone like you. . .heaven.)
I definitely enjoy a dominant lady who knows how to take the reins
Would love to suffer for you and worship every little part of your divine body.
you can abuse my nipples any time you want…
take charge and own my balls for as often as you are in a playful mood.
I ache to obey you. Please let me know if you feel so inclined. :)
At your feet Mistress
Please Mistress… I beg you


I am not a creepy stalker
Write back with your email address so that I will tell you more about myself.
I found your e-mail address and straight away wanted to write you.
I developed an interest in you. send me information material or souvenirs.
I looked at your website and I got depressed from my lack of intimacy and all.
I join ur website but i need one to stay with me im so needy
i want, i need!
I am only expressing my desires, not being a stalker.


hello Lady…thanks for the add…
hi , just read ur profile , and u dont want meaningless sex . just thought i check it out
attractive man looking to fulfill fantasies of being with older (please no offense) woman
I am a closet bisexual man.
look in my profile and if you think that we have a chance please text me something
We should chat though, regardless if I can think of something to say or not.
I am looking for friends only, at this time, just as you are.
Got really horny imagining myself in the place of the fluffy bunny!
Cup size gets you noticed? Well mine holds 18 oz
I too am sex crazed..
you seem really nifty–and possibly we’ve met before?
It seems like we have a lot in common. I love food and sex-positivity
I would like to make a friend request, mostly cause your interesting.
Like your Tumblr. Thanks.


You might be looking for someone like me…
I don’t know if I’m exactly what you are looking for, but if you got to know me, you would like me…in more ways than one…
Does that sound like what you might be looking for, hmm? If so, I’m ready
you look cute
could i get to know more of you
If you ever want someone to masturbate with on that Friday night, hit me up!
apart from Mrs I seem to be a balanced person and consistent.
We are looking for the elusive unicorn.
I’d also be very interested in posing with a woman, clothed or not.
I hope you were not under the impression I wished for anything more than just to chat with you.
Wanna meet
i wonder if you can arrange a little favor to me….kisses..
Like a ladies’ tea that includes ballbusting or some such.
I assure you this is a fully fledged genuine request.


And if you ever need some one to listen to you or a shoulder to cry on,
Hope to hear from you soon,
as always, an admiring fan of your blog,
message or massage me,
Take care,

P.S. You have really cute 2nd & 3rd photos !!!
P.P.S. Your husband is really a lucky man.