Dec 312013

Evoe new years eveCongratulations, we’ve reached the end of yet another year! To celebrate, I’ve put together a list of our highlights of 2013. There have been some ups and downs, but overall I feel blessed.

  1. Thoughts on rape – We started out 2013 with a very serious discussion on rape, responding to the Republican’s war on women and the ridiculous arguments about what constitutes rape. This post stresses how important it is to acknowledge feelings of violation, regardless of how rape is defined. Heavy stuff, but very important to us.
  2. Blood, life, sex – I can’t think of anything that pushes my primal sexual urges more than blood. Playing with blood makes me feel wild, dark, and intensely alive. This is not a post for the squeamish or those triggered by cutting, but it does tap into a powerful sexual edge.
  3. Piece of ass – Sometimes I flat out objectify the people I love. These photos of Harold’s ass make me incredibly happy!
  4. Spontaneous – As Spring started to heat up, I found myself in some pretty hot spontaneous sex situations. Ever just feel turned on all of the time? Ever have sex someplace unusual?
  5. STD/STI – Sudden anxiety about having a sexually transmitted disease or infection overwhelmed me in May. I went through huge emotions trying to get what I needed from the medical system. Thankfully, all of my test results were negative, but the whole process taught me a lot about myself and encouraged me to take my risks seriously.
  6. Blogiversary – We celebrated our 3rd blogiversary on June 1st with a retrospective of each year, our favorite reviews, an explanation of my sex blogging philosophy. Then we threw our very first erotic image contest! Harold started us off with one of my favorite images of all time.
  7. Let the rain come – Summer heat and the stresses of life started to get me down, but we managed to escape into the woods. Huge raindrops broke the oppressive humidity as Harold slowly made love to me, gently opening me up to some of the most intensely honest sex I’ve ever had.
  8. Seattle Erotic Art Festival – I had two images in this year’s SEAF. Attending the festival was some of the best fun I had all year, and a big boost to my identifying as an artist. I’m proud of this achievement!
  9. Scent – I adore this image and the words that go with it. We are animals and scent is important. I love my natural armpits and the way Harold nestles in.
  10. Golden showers – I was surprised that this post took off, but it must speak to people about exploring fetishes. I was very forthcoming about my reactions to Harold’s request that I pee in his mouth. So much so that I wondered if I ought to post it!
  11. UR so SXY – In the years that I have been blogging my sex life I have received numerous communications from people looking for something. I distilled these messages into a poem.
  12. The 12 days of Sexmas – We got into the holiday spirit this year.

Best wishes for the new year to all of you. May 2014 see the realization of all of your dreams (in bed)!

  • cammies on the floor

    I like how you recounted chronologically. I am writing from my husband’s perspective of our top sexual moments the last year and it is not in order, but I really like how this almost demonstrates the growth and evolution.