Jan 112014

Tip of the tongueIt’s so easy to take something for granted. Like the tip of your tongue. I never fully appreciated how awesome my tongue is until a few weeks ago, when I had some dental work done and the tip of my tongue never stopped being numb. It’s just the end on the left side, but I’m going crazy.

I guess this happens sometimes – some damage to the lingual nerve occurs accidentally during the numbing shots for routine fillings. I’m harder to get numb than most people, maybe my nerves run differently, I don’t know. It is supposed to get better as the damaged part regenerates. Nerves are slow to heal. I am not patient. I want my tongue back.

It feels weird and tingly all the time, sort of similar to when I’ve scalded my tongue on something that’s too hot. Only it’s been going on for nearly a month, leaving me hyper-aware of the tip of my tongue all of the time. This problem with my tongue is affecting me in several important areas: speaking, eating, and kissing.

I find it hard to talk. It feels so strange. I don’t think anyone notices but I feel self-conscious, like I am speaking with a mouth full of cotton balls. I keep scraping my tongue on my teeth or biting my cheek. Articulation is frustrating. Since expressing myself is pretty important, feeling speech-impaired is getting to me.

I normally enjoy eating rather immensely. Food is a sensual pleasure. Now, not only is it physically more challenging to eat on that side of my mouth, my taste buds are also affected. SO sad!

Kissing is by far my most keenly felt loss. How can I explore my lover’s body with my mouth if I can’t feel anything with my tongue? How can I flick the tip of my tongue across sensitive areas? How can we make out, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, if my tongue feels dead?

I’m whinging. All in all, things are not so bad. Numb tongue is a minor discomfort. It could be so much worse. People don’t even notice that there’s a problem, I bet.  The damage to my tongue is unlikely to be permanent. I just have to wait. And take my vitamins. And try not to accidentally bite my tongue, lip, or cheeks.

Patience is not my strength. I need distraction.