Feb 012014

A real man will ruin your lipstick…

A real man


 This week Sinful Sunday is exploring some macro photography.
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Sinful Sunday

  • Miss July

    Yes, a real man will ruin your lipstick. The mystery though behind this one is truly interesting to think about. Great mystical image!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  • http://rebelsnotes.com/ Rebel’s Notes


    Rebel xox

  • KaziGrrl

    Did he stop at just the lipstick? Great image, very thought-provoking!

    ~Kazi xxx

  • http://www.kinkymia.com/ Mia

    This is brilliant!

    ~Mia~ xx

  • cammies on the floor

    Agreed, very thought provoking, and such a brilliant close up of contrast

  • Andre

    Wonderful work—it vividly calls so much to mind


  • Great Love Toys

    I wonder how many men do try on their wives lipstick in secret

  • http://www.grittywoman.co.uk/ Gritty Woman

    I love gender play. I love dressing my guy and most of all I LOVE this image. It leaves so much to the imagination. is he wearing anything else? Is he biting something? Oh such a tease. I love it.

  • molly

    What a great image! The gender twist is so strong and yet also subtle


  • HappyComeLucky

    I adore this image absolutely. :D

  • johndstories

    Great image, but asks more questions that it answers!

    What was the occasion? What else was involved?


  • Heaven

    This image is sweet, but I want to know what else was behind it as well. Makes me want to be in the room while you were doing it.


  • http://www.pennysdirtythoughts.com/ Penny

    Ohhh I love this shot and your caption!

  • Chintz Curtain

    Outstanding image. I love that it plays with gender perceptions – and so beautifully, too. Jane xxx