Apr 302014

Dear Lover,

Evoe in cuffsThis morning when I got into the shower, I noticed that one of your chest hairs was wrapped around the barbell in my left nipple. It reminded me of the ineffable sweetness of the time we spent together yesterday. As I sadly prepared to wash our combined sweat from my body, this single hair twined round my nipple seemed like a metaphor, or sympathetic magic, summoning up our love to surround me. You are always close to my heart.

I slowly ran the soap over my skin, reclaiming the territory you so thoroughly took yesterday, my dear. I could feel the delicious tickle of your fingers down my back in the stinging spray of the showerhead. I examined the bruises on my wrists where you strung me up, recalling how I gave myself to you entirely. You were relentless in your affections, until I came so violently that I jerked away from your fingers. I have marks from the spanking you gave me.

Easing back into my body, I started to notice all of the aching muscles. It’s a good feeling. I’ve been pushed past my limits! There is a tender spot on my shoulder. I don’t remember clearly, but I think you bit my shoulder in one of our more animal moments. My mons is a bit sore as well, doubtless from excessive vibrator use. Strangely, my clit and cunt feel fine, even though I’m pretty sure you performed at least an hour of oral sex, maybe even two! I like to think of you at work, musing over why your tongue feels worn out.

When I ran my soapy fingers down the crack of my ass, I did note that my asshole still feels your ministrations.  I was so shocked that you took me that way! It was such a shameful delight for you to slide your finger in my backdoor. How incredible it felt to orgasm around your fingers in both holes. Toys feel alien in my bum because we just haven’t done much anal play. Thank you for taking a chance Darling! It’s so satisfying that I could return the favor, slowly fucking you with my strap-on.

Oh my Love, even my abdomen aches, perhaps because of all the time we spent fucking, joyfully switching from position to position. I feel like I have had quite the serious fucking. But that wasn’t even the best part. Daydreaming in the shower, I call up a memory near and dear to my heart – when I held your whole being in my hands and evoked your jism into my mouth. May we always pray this way.

AnerosNow I’m sitting out in the sunlight, wishing you were here, with sweat glistening on naked flesh. (It was outstanding to make love yesterday with the sun and the breeze.) I’m listening to the Rolling Stones, which will always make me think of you now. I know you don’t care much for the song, but you’ve definitely got me under your thumb Baby.

Yesterday was really amazing. Yes, we are lucky to have awesome sex most of the time, but yesterday… I think what is really special for me, is that it was the first time I feel like you truly Topped me. I’ve been asking for a while, waiting, not terribly patiently, for you to find your feet. Well you did Sweet One, you totally took me. And you did it with grace and style. Thank you for hearing my need and responding.

I want you to understand what you’ve done for me. Today I feel free instead of stuck in my head. I am making love to the world. Looking into your eyes yesterday, it seemed as though I was sliding deep inside you. You were deep inside me too, I can still feel you permeating my being. I feel healed and whole, heard and seen, grounded and inspired. I’m so happy. I love you so much. You are a gift. I know what you had to overcome to give me what I want. I’m proud of you and proud to be your partner.  Your love fills me up so that I spill love on everyone around me. Thank you for everything you do for me. I notice. You are the best!

Forever yours,

P.S. I’ve never loved the dark as much as I do right now. I can’t wait for bedtime, to be in your arms tonight. I feel the promise of your kiss hot on my lips…