Apr 172014

Right after spankingOkay, so I’ve been doing some complaining lately about how Harold isn’t doing the things I’d like him to sexually – namely, Topping me. Harold, I’m sorry for being such an instant gratification grrrl and not letting you come into power dynamics on your own. I think you are getting it now. Totally getting it. Especially the spanking.

I never knew spanking could be so much fun! Once years ago, Joel tried to spank me and I jumped up, ran away, and locked myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes. After that, I just sort of figured it wasn’t my thing. But Harold and I have slowly worked up to the full spanking he gave me the other day. And he Topped me! He held me over his knees with a vibrator on my clit and whacked me over and over until I was squirming and screaming. He left marks on my ass. I thought I was going to die from pleasure.

And the fun continues… My bottom is very sore. Every time I sit down I am reminded of being bent over Harold’s knees. The pain is a sweet reminder of our love. Every time I hug him, he kneads the sensitive flesh of my ass, just to remind me that I belong to him. He grins when I suck in my breath.

He seems freer with my body right now, sitting with his arm around my shoulder, hand cupping my breast. I love it. I finally feel like he is taking what I am giving to him. He is meeting me in this place where I am unsure, but full of lust. Darling, my heart (and my ass) are yours!