May 032014
What I think I look like

This is not my image, but it embodies how I think I look when I make love as a man. (Harold found this on Tumblr)

I have a man inside me that wants to come out.

I don’t feel any less female, but my masculine side has started to take over in small ways. I like that part of me. I like letting him come out during sex. His name is Jaxx. In my head, I know exactly what Jaxx looks like. My body is smooth and lightly muscled, sculptured pecs, and those grooves at my hips. Manly hair makes a trail from my navel to my groin. I have tattoos and scars. I am sexy and mysterious.

When I fuck Harold, I often become Jaxx. I see myself as this masculine guy. Amazingly, Harold sees him the same way I do. It turns out that masculinity doesn’t have much to do with how you look – it matters what you feel. The energy defines masculine.

This Sinful Sunday is all about the men. When I think about what it means to be male, I look at the separation I feel inside. Am I a woman or a man? Neither? Both I think:

Man or woman?

(This is my very first attempt at photo shop and I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted!)

I am myself whether I look like this:


Or this:


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Sinful Sunday

  • Silverdom

    I agree that you can both be male and female. Slverdrop has some amazing masculine energy that we love to play with.

  • molly

    Firstly I think you did a great job with photoshop and secondly I love this post. The way you show off all that you, embracing and loving the different elements that make up the one person.


  • Cara Sutra

    Great photos! They show a passion and realness, and it made me examine myself a little more too, as my latest post shows. Thanks for these pics, love them

  • Kazi G

    Great photos! I think you did a wonderful job with the photoshop :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Pandora

    Wonderful post! I love the photo edit, reminds me of the work by this photographer: You are definitely hot (and beautiful) in both your presentations. It’s really interesting to explore which parts of ourselves are associated with different gender roles, and how appearance is connected to how we feel inside. It feels like looks and masculine/feminine shouldn’t really matter as we are all whole people with multiple aspects – and yet, those things do matter. I feel like all gender is performance, in a way. Playing with it, questioning it and keeping an open mind definitely seems like the healthiest attitude :)

  • Mia

    This is just sooo good. I love that you have shown both sides of you so well!

    ~Mia~ xx

  • Emma Whispers

    Amazing images to demonstrate your point. You look stunning as both xx

  • shalla


  • Beck

    I think you are absolutely beautiful either way. We all adore you just the way you are.

  • Chintz Curtain

    You did a brilliant job with Photoshop, IMHO. Very clever and a point beautifully illustrated. Jane xxx

  • HappyComeLucky

    Wonderful images showing both ying and yang.

  • Heaven

    Wow, wonderful job with photoshop and you look amazing either way.