May 022014

Wild thingWe move like cagey tigers
Oh, we couldn’t get closer than this
The way we walk, the way we talk
The way we stalk, the way we kiss”

–The Cure, “Love Cats”

We ran wild in the woods, naked but for our shoes and horns. I spread my arms wide to embrace the forest, leaping along overgrown trails. My breast bounced. Sweat ran down my back and flanks. I heard him swift behind me, his grunts making me giggle, even while a primal lust rose in me.  I was a creature of the green and growing things. I let him catch me.

His cock pressed against my ass and his breath was hard and harsh on my neck. I squirmed but he held me tight against his chest, hands pawing at my breasts. I shifted and stomped, feeling my cunt slick and swollen. The rich moss below us looked inviting, but I certainly wasn’t ready to give in yet!

I danced out of his grasp and sprinted for a hill up ahead. The ferns whipped against my long legs. I bounded up the hill, sensing him close behind. In that moment, I knew that I was part of everything around me and everything manifested in me, including him. At the apex I suddenly turned around. We fell on each other like savage beasts – we licked, bit, and scratched. I pinned him against a tree and kneeling before him in the dirt, I took him into my mouth.

We were rough and tender as our whims dictated. He led me on a chase, his ass always frustratingly just out of spanking reach. Our sweaty bodies got covered in bark and moss and spit and dirt. We were wild things. We were the woods themselves.

When we looked into each other’s eyes and saw the fierce freedom reflected there, we both submitted to the other. There was a golden truth there. We belong to ourselves, yet give all to the other. We embraced on a soft bed, making love in ways gentle and riotous.

Wild thingsThis has been a great fantasy of mine, to run untamed in the wood and rut in the dirt. I have a feral bestial side that has hungered for earthy release. Yesterday that lusted was sated (for now), on the first hot day of Spring, on the very auspicious day of Beltaine. Let the outdoor revels begin!