Aug 022014

When people engage in erotic play, they create a world between them. They weave a connection with pain, pleasure, anticipation, love, sensation, shame, or some complicated matrix of emotions. This dynamic is often intense, intimate, and private. It’s difficult to know from the outside what is going on emotionally for the participants, but it is often obvious that the experience is moving.

I recently had the pleasure of taking photos while DW and Shawna had a play session. I’ve been getting to know each of them separately, so I had some personal curiosity about watching them play together. To take these photos and honor their beautiful connection, I tried to be a simple observer, without getting my energy tangled up. I am so honored that they trusted me so much!

I am pleased with the images that resulted. These are people that I am letting close to my heart so I am totally biased, but they take my breath away…

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  • Curvaceous Dee

    These images are so marvellous to see – you are a very talented photographer, with a great focus on expressions! (That said, I think my favourite is the back-grasping one).

    xx Dee