Oct 192014


In my fantasy you show up at my hotel room, sweeping me off my feet with your suave and dapper style, but it’s Daddy’s hand on my backside that makes me melt. I can’t stop kissing you. I want you in my mouth. Oh Kyle, we only have a few hours. Whatever will we do?

At the hotel door

First kiss

Taste you
Under your boot
Spank me Daddy
Tongues and teeth
Grind like this
Take me now
On my knees for you
In your mouth
Your chest

Sweet in your arms


(Special thanks to Kyle from Butchtastic for helping me to shoot this fantasy sequence! Stay tuned to see what happens when a couple of gender queered sex-positive bloggers get wild. There’s lots of kissing, talking, giggling, and strap-on wars…)

Sinful Sunday

  • Flip

    The raw passion, connection & intimacy in these images is amazing…..what a wonderful fantasy to have :D

  • thesindolldotcom

    These are beautiful, erotic, and loving photos. <3

  • molly

    These are sooooo fucking HOT… The first one in particular really rings my bells, there is something about the power dynamic in that shot between the leather jacket and your state of semi undress that just does it for me


  • http://modestyablaze.com/ Modesty Ablaze

    Such an intriguing . . . and sexy . . . sequence. And I can’t wait to see the next instalment!!!
    Xxx – K

  • mariasibylla

    What a fantastic series! Super hot and the story they tell is steamy (yet sweet). All the shots are great. I agree with Molly that the one with the leather jacket is very hot. I’m also a huge fan of the one where you’re both looking at the camera. Those gazes are at once smoking hot, candid, fun and tender. Thanks for this!

  • cammies on the floor

    What an incredibly moving set! Seriously hot!

  • MrsJoJo

    incredible, gorgeous, you can see the story unfolding………..10/10 HOT

  • http://beckandherkinks.com/ Beck

    These are incredible. Very hot. Can’t wait to see what you two come up with next.

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  • sub-Bee

    Oh my goodness, these are incredibly hot!

  • Kyle Jones

    It was a super hot and a lot of fun. Thank you, E, for inviting me to your room ;-)

  • http://dragonskink.com/ Kazi G

    Great photo set!! Looks to me like you used your time well :)

    ~Kazi xxx

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