Aug 082015

A cloudy summer afternoon in the tree house…

Naked in the tree house

…feeling the air on my skin…


…talking about serious things while the leaves drift down…

Foot play

…he begins to stir under my foot…

From behind

“What does it look like from up there?”


…the sweetest release…


…relaxed, smug, and connected to the universe…

Blood offering

…a single drop of blood left in thanks.”



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Sinful Sunday
  • Curvaceous Dee

    Utterly beautiful photos and words – what a relaxing place! Your second-to-last photo made me smile :)

    xx Dee

  • Rebel’s Notes

    I love how the images and words tell a sexy story!

    Rebel xox

  • molly

    I love this series of pictures and the last image is really powerful. It just shouts out LIFE to me.


  • Kazi G

    Great series of pics :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  • kiltedwookie

    A wonderful set of photos.


  • cammies on the floor

    The intimacy between the two of you in these takes my breath away, I love it.

  • Steel Charmer

    The series of pics is great–shows so much sexy intimacy!

  • Beck

    Love the intimacy that is built up here.

  • sub-Bee

    A very powerful series!

  • Flip

    What a wonderful series of images…absolutely glorious xx