Abstinence & Celibacy


Abstinence & CelibacySaying no is an option. Sex-positive doesn’t have to mean sex all the time, or ever. Even the most sexually active persons may want a palate cleanser sometimes, or to wait for a partner they care about before having sex again. Some people choose never to have sex.

A period of sexual abstinence can be a time to work out what you really want. It is also a lifestyle choice. That choice may be based on asexuality; in a 2004 study based on British statistics, about 1 percent of respondents had never had sexual feelings toward others. It may be based on a desire not to form sexual relationships; a 1977 paper calls women who have sexual feelings but prefer not to act on them “autoerotic women.” People who abstain from sex often still have romantic relationships. You can fall in love without a drive toward sex.

For many people, a period of abstinence marks a period between partners, particularly if you don’t want to repeat the same patterns or if you want time to let go of a romance that’s over. Taking a break, for now or forever, can be your choice.

  • Agovbug

    Along with this some men enjoy forced abstinence from is better half no matter what she is to him, I know I used to and would still if I had a partner willing to help with this. Most women find thi act of submission of their mate highly stimulating and their sex life is explosive.