Anal Sex


anal sexBack door love. It doesn’t take much imagination to come to anal sex: what if we put it in there? But doing it well — that’s the trick. The mouth and the vagina were built to receive. The anus takes a little persuasion.

In the U.S., 10 percent of men and 9 percent of women have had anal sex in the past year. For men, anal sex stimulates the prostate from behind, so much so that some men come from anal alone. For women, anal sex engages the same nerves as vaginal sex, if more diffusely — indirectly, anal sex touches the G-spot.

It takes relaxation and patience to make it work well. It takes a certain amount of submission — it is, after all, where the term “bottom” came from. And it takes a lot of lube. But the pleasures it provides are unique. And yummy.

It doesn’t need to hurt at all. (Lube, right? Patience, right? Go slowly at first, or when asked?) It doesn’t make you gay, in and of itself — as if that were a problem! Or unnatural — yes, apes do it. It can be a mess, but frankly, with preparation, there’s no need for that. Clean up beforehand, clean up afterward — if you have a shower handy, and we guess you do, you don’t have much to worry about.

So take it in the ass! Or give it.

  • johnnymots

    Much agreed!

  • Kevinp41153

    I love it, but the wife is not a fan. A boyfriend forced himself into her anus once. That would put anyone off. I do love the use of toys, and she helps out there, (blush). It feels so good it’s scary.