Siren by Lori Campbell

Introducing the Sirens Project. Spread your wings. Lift your voice. Change the world.

WholeSexLife is dedicated to giving all people, but particularly women, a safe place to feel sexual. No matter where you are on your journey, your story is evolving with you. Your story is as unique as you are, yet there are many experiences women have in common – falling in love, giving birth, having sex for the first time, dealing with abuse issues, struggling with body image, and learning about masturbation are just of few of the themes you’ll read about here.

The Sirens of Greek myth were the psychopomps of the ancient world, lovely half-woman, half-bird servants of Persephone. Sailors said the Siren’s beautiful voices lured men to death and insanity, but brave men knew that what was so compelling about those songs was the offer of vast knowledge and understanding. Perhaps the Sirens sang a truth so profound that madness was easier for some men than acceptance. Perhaps a woman’s truth is that powerful.

We believe it is. If enough women are brave enough to share a truth from their sexual journey, we can change the way people think. We can let people know that they are not alone. All women have a story about their sexuality. We want to hear yours. We invite you to become one of our Sirens. Spread your wings. Lift your voice. Change the world. Send your story to our CEO, Evoë Thorne, and we’ll publish it here.



My mother left when I was four.  I was 11 when we moved from Baltimore to Seattle the first time I can remember my father touching me or saying, “I love you.” I remember because I was surprised. Shocked really. I grew up a very lonely and isolated person. All the way through my late […]


(Evoë’s note: Tamara very courageously shares her experiences of sexual abuse and violence here. While this account may be triggering for some people, I would ask that you honor her spirit by witnessing her words.) “The main message: I do not look at myself as a victim or a survivor. Why? Because that, in my […]


“Like so many things in my life, sex is no longer what it was to me a year ago; the end of a 22 year relationship changed sex for me by its very definition.  I sometimes think people stop maturing once they get married, almost as if we subconsciously believe marriage makes us legitimate adults […]


“My sexuality bleeds into just about every crack and crevice of my life. Conversations with me are always littered with dirty sexual sentiments to jest and tease. My performance art has almost always burdened itself with dark and sexual contemplative subject matter. This will be my 3rd year directing several performance art pieces for the […]


“I work within parameters. I function within them. My Master tells me. He tells me. I do. But there is room for embellishments. There is an art to this brand of sex. Or at least I tell myself so. He says, “Go this way!” I go that way as gracefully as possible. Sometimes I have […]


“What good is there to say about sex? The whole topic is a one disaster after the next. I make one exception. If you add party drugs into the mix, and you’re at the world’s greatest party (say, Burning Man), and you want to fuck someone, it can be fun. I’ll give you that.  But […]


“Sex has been a big focus in my life because for a long time I felt bad at it. But I wanted it. I felt like the girl with her face pressed to the window who can see all the other kids playing at the birthday party. My parents were not comfortable with their sexuality. […]