Aug 082015

A cloudy summer afternoon in the tree house…

Naked in the tree house

…feeling the air on my skin…


…talking about serious things while the leaves drift down…

Foot play

…he begins to stir under my foot…

From behind

“What does it look like from up there?”


…the sweetest release…


…relaxed, smug, and connected to the universe…

Blood offering

…a single drop of blood left in thanks.”



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Sinful Sunday
Mar 012015

When all of the other senses are obscured, awareness narrows to the exquisite pleasure of touch. It might be a feather light brush of fingernails against flesh or the thrill of pressure somewhere vulnerable…

Intense pressire


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Sinful Sunday

Oct 192014


In my fantasy you show up at my hotel room, sweeping me off my feet with your suave and dapper style, but it’s Daddy’s hand on my backside that makes me melt. I can’t stop kissing you. I want you in my mouth. Oh Kyle, we only have a few hours. Whatever will we do?

At the hotel door

First kiss

Taste you
Under your boot
Spank me Daddy
Tongues and teeth
Grind like this
Take me now
On my knees for you
In your mouth
Your chest

Sweet in your arms


(Special thanks to Kyle from Butchtastic for helping me to shoot this fantasy sequence! Stay tuned to see what happens when a couple of gender queered sex-positive bloggers get wild. There’s lots of kissing, talking, giggling, and strap-on wars…)

Sinful Sunday

Dec 072013

Ready for something fun and a little different?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was trying to decipher the puzzles inside beer bottle caps when my parents had a party. These puzzles, called rebus,  were like a corny code that got easier to crack the more you practiced. I loved it and lately I’ve been thinking about those caps again, wondering how to recapture the magic.

With the help of my lovely partner, Joel, I have created our own WholeSexLife rebus puzzles. They are the grown up version of the bottle cap puzzles I loved. See if you can figure them out, then click through to check your answers!

  1. WholeSexLife rebus 1
  2.  WholeSexLife rebus 5
  3. WholeSexLife rebus 2
  4.  WholeSexLife rebus 4
  5.  WholeSexLife rebus 3


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Sinful Sunday

Dec 012013

It’s the 1st of December and already the holiday season is in full swing! Sinful Sunday is kicking off the debauchery with a friendly competition – interpret a holiday song in a truly wicked way. We chose what is likely the most famous Christmas song of all time, and we think it sums up the essence of a really good bondage scene…

Silent night, holy night
“Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright…”

And let me assure you that before I slept in heavenly peace, there was quaking, love’s pure light, glories, heavenly hosts singing, radiant beams, and redeeming grace.

Happy holidays to all, and may you all find your Sunday to be sinful!

Sinful Sunday

Nov 172013

My hands are bound. My soul is laid bare. This cage you keep me in is the the arena of our desire. I am yours – utterly, completely, totally. I like to struggle. I enjoy the frustration of your teasing touch. I am breathless, wondering what you will do to me.


We have built a web, strand by strand, kiss by kiss, and I wait for you at the center. I like the anticipation of knowing you are coming, my mate, my friend. I will let you sneak up on me, then perhaps I will devour you.

inside the web

I am your canvas. Trace your vision across my flesh. There is art in every charged touch of your hand, every flick of your wicked tongue, every slow thrust of your hips. Teach me to dance and release me from this cage.

Teach me to fly



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Sinful Sunday