Mar 152015

I should finishing up my final work for my college course, but in the time honored tradition of students everywhere, I am distracting myself. Have you ever seen the way that testicles move around while at rest? No really, it’s mesmerizing. I made you a little video…


Testicles move constantly to regulate temperature or react to arousal. I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Is this not totally awesome?!? Okay, fine…I’ll go write my paper now.

Jun 232012

Sex GeekI met Reid Mihalko when I was down in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. We were at OpenSF (an amazing non-monogamy conference), at a gathering for presenters and staff to relax and unwind after the weekend. I knew who he was, of course. He’s the kind of guy whose reputation precedes him. After I saw Reid’s videos on Passionate U, I believe my response was that I wanted to put him in my mouth. I did my research, so I knew something about him. He was someone I really hoped to meet on our trip.

Within seconds of being introduced, we were flirting. In fact, I was sticking my hands into his pants pockets. I liked him immediately because not many people are as physical as I am. Reid is very funny, sweet, and personable. He’s a natural storyteller. He’s also smart. Reid’s responsible for the Sex Geek t-shirts that all the cool kids are wearing. And he has a lot to say about sex and relationships.

Not only did I get to meet Reid, I arranged to do a quick video interview. I didn’t get a chance to ask him the all-important boxers-or-briefs question (I imagine he’s probably commando anyway), but I did get him talking about some things I care about. The first segment focuses on flirting, then we discuss how pleasure can help heal pain, and finally kissing! Here is the first of the videos, with more to follow:


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Nov 242011

On this American holiday of Thanksgiving I am contemplating the many things I am grateful for. I am so blessed, especially with all of the love in my life. I never expected to have five children, two partners, and a metamour. I have a fantastic sex life. This morning I came twice in the first two hours I was awake! I have a job that I adore. I get to meet all kinds of fascinating people and create art.

That drive to create gets me in a lot of trouble. This morning, in an effort to teach myself Adobe Premiere Pro, I created a silly little video to share about the things I am grateful for. Enjoy your day!

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Aug 042011

IceHot summer days are sexy. I love the sun against my skin, sweat trickling between my breasts and behind my knees, the respite of a slight breeze through my hair. I want to live outdoors, close to the dry earth. I want to have sex – warm, sticky, joyful sex.

But a grrrl has to cool off once in a while. Today I couldn’t stop fantasizing about the cool kiss of ice on my skin. I took the Hitachi outside and had Harold help me video record some intense self-love with a bowlful of ice. I hope our quick-and-dirty home movie shows how much fun it was to get off in the hot and cold!

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Apr 132011

Harold rigging the camera for "Rainy Afternoon"Yes, that’s right, I have another amateur video ready for your viewing pleasure. This next installment in my journey to becoming a good pornographer is different from what I’ve done so far. It was shot kind of spur of the moment with very little gear. We actually had one camera suspended from the ceiling on ropes. Despite a lack of technical excellence, what the resulting footage showed was the amazing energy between Harold and me. Somehow we managed to just forget about the cameras and be ourselves together. I think the outcome is beautiful.

Seriously, I know it’s probably not PC to get off on your own porn, but I can’t watch this without my body starting to respond. I want to make erotic video that appeals to women and hopefully I’m getting closer with this one. Harold and I are wide open and full of love, but there’s explicit sex as well. It’s hot and intimate – and maybe a teeny bit cheesy.

I’ve named the video “Rainy Afternoon” because we shot the footage one afternoon in a tiny cabin in the woods with the rain drumming against the roof. I love hearing the rain. It’s cozy and I get really horny. I can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon!

I hope you enjoy the video. Please leave feedback!

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Mar 012011

Pink ToenailsI’ve been really enjoying learning about making videos. This video is my fourth attempt and I think I’ve now grown beyond iMovie and will be exploring Adobe Premiere and the Adobe collection of film making products. I look forward to branching out and exploring some more artistic themes. There’s nothing wrong with straight-ahead porn, but I want to make some really inspiring erotica.

This was my first try at using multiple angles and I ran into some troubles with the soundtrack. While I was tempted to just put music over the whole thing, I listened to what you all had to say and left the native sound. I think it works okay and feels more intimate. I hope that the connection between Harold and me is evident, even though you never see more than my legs and feet. We love each other and have a lot of fun doing stuff like this. It’s sexy when that shines through in film. But you decide for yourself…(click on image below)

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Feb 202011

EvoëPop music often works to expand public consciousness of sex, but this week I’m more aware of it than usual. And I have two teen-agers who keep me informed of everything shocking. Just looking at Billboard’s top 10 for the week is interesting (and I’m not really into pop songs).

For example, coming in at #6 on the Billboard charts is Enrique Iglesias singing “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You).” But there is a much better version called “Tonight (I’m Fuckin’ You),” with great lyrics like, “You know my motivation/ Given my reputation/Please excuse me I don’t mean to be rude/ But tonight I’m fucking you.” My daughters love it. If someone came on to me like that, I’d probably deck him, but it is very bold for a pop song.

My favorite is #8, Rihanna singing “S & M.” There’s bondage, and whips, and blow-up dolls, and ball gags. And over 13 million views on YouTube! Seriously. Watch the video.

I like the statement that it makes about the media. I like her attitude. Mostly, I’m impressed at how the world of kink looks so trendy. S & M for everyone! If there is enough exposure in popular culture it won’t be so taboo, and that’s a good thing.

Last on my list of the noteworthy is Lady Gaga who debuted at #1 with her song, “Born This Way.” Now, many people have noticed that this song bears more than a passing resemblance to Madonna’s 80’s hit, “Express Yourself,” except that it’s not nearly as good. I like the song for exactly one reason. She mentions transgendered people. 14.5 million people have listened to this song on YouTube in the past week. There isn’t even a video yet, just the song. And then there are the radio stations and iTunes and everything else. Every person in America will hear the word transgender. It’s a start.

I’ve never really thought of pop songs as useful before, but I’m beginning to see how powerful a tool it can be to start subjugating, um, I mean educating the masses. These messages seep into the young minds and the collective subconscious. The next generation is already more open-minded about homosexuality.

Don’t be a drag, just be a queen! Take that America.

Feb 142011

Today is Valentine’s Day and love is everywhere. It’s kind of depressing. I believe in love, but after all the marketing, being in love seems just as valid as being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t normally observe Valentine’s since we celebrate our love every day. This year we’ve made an exception on your behalf. We have a present for you!

May today, and every day, be full of love for you.

(Oh, and no plushies were actually harmed in the making of this video. I, however, may be scarred for life!)

Feb 032011

My sex objectI continue to play with video. This next attempt was harder to put together. Harold and I shot the footage when we went away for the weekend. I had about 31 minutes of footage and I wanted a video that was less than 5 minutes. The light is not optimal and the video quality is in standard definition, rather than HD.

Still, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I learn more with each effort. For example, from now on I will be setting up 2 or 3 cameras for each shoot. It will result in better videos because switching between the angles is more interesting. It’s funny seeing just our torsos in this video.

Watching this video got me hot. I’m also shocked to discover that we are some freaky kinky people. This isn’t exactly unusual for one of our dates, but the video makes me realize how full and diverse our sex life really is.

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Jan 262011

FeetI’m hoping that I can look back on this moment as the pivotal point at which I became a pornographer. Or erotic artist, depending on your personal preference. I put together a movie of some footage I shot when Harold and I first tried out the trampling table last week. It’s nothing fancy or earth shattering, but I think that it’s sexy. I hope that you do too!

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