WholeSexLife is a different approach to sexuality. It’s a way of expressing who you are as a sexual being. It’s learning about and sharing really hot erotic topics. It’s connecting with other amazing people in a respectful, safe, and secure way. It’s an erotic space you’ll love to hang out in. It really is about your WholeSexLife.

We’re working hard to bring WholeSexLife to you, but the site is still under construction. In the meantime, our CEO is setting the tone by blogging her WholeSexLife and we’ve started some explicit discussions about sex on our Sex Pages. You can contribute by leaving your comments and volunteering when we ask for help.

We assume that you are here because you are over 18 and interested in adult content. If you believe that as an adult you have the right to choose what you see and read, then feel free to look around, and enjoy!

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  • http://bodrydesigns.etsy.com Audrey

    Even though you are still under construction, I am pleased that you have come this far in the venture and I applaud all that you are trying to accomplish.

  • Medici

    Best of luck with your site and your launch!

  • Evoe Thorne

    Thank you for your support!

  • http://www.promistress.com Damiana

    I LOVE IT! I can’t wait until it’s done, up and running!
    Fabulous and about time this type of sex positive community had something like this!
    I very much look forward to seeing what is possible!

  • Gecko_90410

    Hi Evoe,, Hope to see more & will exprore more of your site!

  • Bashful365

    I stumbled on your blog this morning. It is interesting and I will be reading more. thank you for posting.

  • Marsh Scotty

    Just wondering if where was your link on your hub pages my dear. And feeling excited right now for the comments.

    And by the way I bet this is one of your topic on hub pages soon.

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    Good catch! I changed hub pages to read Sex Pages because that’s what we have for now. Please add your comments and yes, we have plans to add some new topics soon. I love the idea of talking about sexual positioning. Thanks!

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